Galileo Was Right

We Have a Great Desire to Populate Heaven

The movie Galileo Was Right, from earth to the Moon, focuses on training the Apollo fifteen astronauts to become geologists on the Moon’s surface is a fantastic movie. As it is said that a thousand miles start with a single step, and only those who are willing and have the courage to take that step and endure to the end will have the biggest smile. Moreover, according to the movie’s narrator, the human mind is not a box that needs to be filled but a fire that needs to be lighted.

The journey to discover the origin of the Moon started with the astronauts sitting in one of the most boring classes in the world. But after getting the right professor, they embark on the search for a knowledge mission. This search was confusing to the students sometimes, and other times impossible for some of them. As the movie went on, the scientists trained to become Georgists, and their trainers went from one desert to another, working very hard to bring their dream to pass. What does this have to do with us students or learners in general? As always said, the person who belongs across the river most often has themselves wet. Education does not come easy; those eager to learn need to withstand struggle. The struggle may not be fun, but it’s necessary for growth and developing essential skills like problem-solving, persistence, and self-regulation. It also fosters confidence and a growth mindset.

These scientists, training to become Georgists to a place they had never been before; another time sleeping in the desert. Other times in the sun, they have to do things that they were not willing to do. One of those places was the time when they were looking for rock samples individually under the hot sun. When they brought the rock samples, it was left to the professor to grade their work. At this point, some of them feel disappointed due to the response from the professor after doing their best. But this movie shows that struggle and discouragement are close relatives to learning. In fact, discouragement is a sign that there is encouragement somewhere. For example, when the drill got stuck on the Moon’s surface, they left it and returned the next day. Sometimes, this struggle exists to change the student because it is the key to the path of our destination. What we want or what we want to become is filled with challenges, knowledge, etc. Without struggle, we won’t be able to achieve what we have full potential.

Let me focus on making f new friends and the big smile at the end. Indeed, after the ring, the sun will shine. Because they focused on their goal, the mission to the Moon to bring back a rock that would tell the origin of the Moon, the task was achieved, and they all smiled together; not all, they and their professor became best of friends. The mission that started with struggles had a happy ending. To God be the glory!!


Galileo Was Right” episode 10 of From the Earth to the Moon