Our Intent

We Have a Great Desire to Populate Heaven

Our Intent

Rescue Services was founded on four pillars we intend to use to help our clients reach their most significant potential.

Support and assistance. Rescue offered this pillar in a way that allows individuals to make choices. People who need care have reported that it is challenging to be self-determined when others decide where they work, where they live, and how they spend their money. They fear that speaking out will lead to outcomes they do not want. Even if they state their goals and desires, support staff do not follow through; they need opportunities to make choices. This is why rescue services train all staff to ensure all clients live happily because we work for them.

Encouragement. As professionals in the disability services field, we believe we play a critical role in encouraging adults with disabilities to pursue integrated employment. In some cases, professionals have even encouraged adults with IDD to choose sheltered workshops. Moreover, family members have been found to influence individuals’ decision-making significantly. Therefore, we encourage family and friends who are legally allowed to be in our clients’ lives at rescue Services to come around and help them be happy.

Opportunities. Individuals with disabilities have said they want opportunities to do meaningful work, demonstrate their skills and talents, choose their own careers, and have the same career advancement opportunities as people without disabilities. Therefore, Rescue exposes her clients to potential opportunities in their communities. Some of those opportunities are beyond career advancement, school, technical skills, etc.

Safety and Respect. Individuals with disabilities expect to receive the same level of protection and respect as those without disabilities. At Rescue, we trained our professional staff to treat everyone with the tremendous respect possible. We also introduced our team to treat our clients as they want to be treated.