Meet Our Staff

We Have a Great Desire to Populate Heaven


Apostle Joseph Isaac Argbah Sr.

Our Pastor

Having now expounded upon the core values that serve as the foundation of my spiritual pilgrimage, I offer the following statement as a personal philosophy of ministry to which I will endeavor to adhere with regard to the pastoral call: As a man who has been called of God to love and serve Him as a minister of the gospel, I recognize and affirm that I am foremost a servant of people. To that end, I commit my life to the spiritual success of others. I am a shepherd who will take care of his sheep. To those who need help, I will help. To those who are lost, I will show them the way. Those who hunger for truth and I will feed with the truth. To those who are hurt, I will care. To those who need God, I will show them Christ.

Phone: 317.652.8764



Rev. Edwina Argbah
Director for Outreach

Rev. Rufus W. Jallah
Assistant Pastor – Congregation Ministry 


Pastor Michael Carey
Assistant Pastor / Music Ministry

Mother Nora Lloyd
Executive Pastor of Ministries




Kebbeh Rufus
Church Secretary